This job involved working at Barrhill and Seven Trent was a 28 kilometre pipe line from Stourport, the river seven cut across the countryside ending up at Frankly reservoir just below Frankley services.  We were asked to carry out a full topsoil strip and a full reinstatement, this was over a three year period, this is still an ongoing project is due to be completed int he next few months.  We have numerous excavators and dozers working on the project.

P Taylor GPS Dozer Plant Hire were contracted to work at Gatwick Airport, the project including excavation work in preparation for a new hanger.

Other Sist Construction hired direct to Geoforma soil stabilisation this involved putting lime and cement into the floor mixed with soil to create stabilisation for a concrete pad. We have had heavy involvement with Geoforma up and down the country on various projects including Tilbery Amazon’s distribution centre, Chitchester Carla Homes with a large housing development in Chichester the project including stabilisation and ponds formed for a housing project.”
Geoforma are part of the Blackwell Group owned by Hardgrieves. We are highly experienced in the stabilisation, GPS used on most of these jobs eg Trimble, Topcom and Lika system.